5 Quick tips about Sex

Here are 5 simple tips about sex.

To make your sex life more fun and intimate.
Having sex is where you are vulnerable and it can make some of us feel insecure about ourselves if we are not 100% in love with our body.
So, these tips are to help us feel more connected with each other.

1. Foreplay.
We don’t always like to just jump in straight away and get it over with, we all like the thing called “foreplay”. Don’t forget women generally take longer to climax than men. Start with pleasing each other! It’s the best way to get in the mood and who doesn’t like being touched or pleased sexually!

2. Avoid Going Dry.

Make sure you have lubricant on standby! You can also use it as a massage oil, so spread it on your partner and let the slip and slide begin. Lubricate can also be used on your fingers or toys to help glide over your own or partners body.

3. Trying Different Moves.
It gets boring after a while doing the same routine over and over again. Find different moves from the internet, books or word of mouth. It keeps your relationship exciting trying new things once in a while.

4. Intimacy.
Be intermediate with each other. Bring them close and whisper their name, say it feels good. It will make your partner feel good about themselves and want to do more! Have a conversation about sextoys, but keep it simple, small toys do not create the impression of being replaced.

5. Porn.
Yes, Porn! Watch it together, it could turn you on!
It will be a shared experience
Its an easy way to learn about your partners fantasies
It can speed up foreplay
It may lessen the need to act out on sexual desires outside of your relationship
But be careful it may shatter the myth that you can (and should) only be attracted to your mate.

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