Achieving orgasms with the Vagina

Okay everyone, this blog is for the ones who want to know more about the lovely thing we call the Vagina.

The vagina is amazing! Honestly, who can push a baby through a size of lime? But we are not here to talk about babies and pushing.

No, we are here so I can teach you how to achieve an orgasm with a vibrator on your lovely, sensitive, awesome region of your/her body part!

Okay everyone. Most think that you can only achieve an orgasm by putting the vibrator into the “Vagina” area. INCORRECT! You can achieve an orgasm by putting it onto the clitoris or around and If your kinky enough, into the anus.

If you are unsure where your clitoris is, look at the photo. Or simply have a feel down there. It is at the top of your vagina and feels like a tiny ball under the skin.

Quoted by Kat Van Kirk, Ph.D. “Many women have discovered that they find indirect clitoral stimulation to the side or above the clitoris can be more arousing”

Either you or your partner can rub the vibrator slowly up and down your thighs, getting close to your clitoris, slowly around your labia and circling without actually touching, this will make it more intense and when you can’t take it anymore insert the vibrator to finish yourself off.

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