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10 Foods that can act as a Natural Viagra

1. Dark Chocolate –
Does not only heighten your mood but can reduce stress, also improves your sex life. Dark Cocoa chocolate is rich in phenethylamine, which can have the benefits of well being, chemically simular to amphetamine. With the combination of cocoa and sugar which releases serotonin to give you a higher feeling of happiness and sexual desire.

2. Oysters –
Are extremely rich in Zinc, which is essential for testosterone and the production of healthy sperm. Women have less testosterone than men, but testosterone still plays a key part in a females libido. Oysters also boost dopamine, a hormone that increases libido in both men and women.

3. Strawberries –
A variety of fruits that are rich in vitamin C (1000mgs), known to keep your libido at a high level. This will keep the sperm count high for men and a natural stimulant for women and men.

4. Garlic –
Containing Allicin which increases blood flow and circulation to your sexual organs, and heralded as a wonder drug for thousands of years by Chinese, Romans, Greeks and Egyptians. With the blood flow to sexual organs, this increases your libido to desire more sexual activity.

5. Spinach –
Rich in Magnesium, spinach decreases inflammation in blood vessels and increases blood flow, great for that boost of energy. Magnesium is Important will pregnant, it ensures the right amount of blood flows to the uterus. Low Magnesium is also one of the culprits behind chronically low sex drive.

6. Chilli –
With the heat of a chilli, your cardiovascular system gets a jumpstart. Your heart beats faster, your blood vessels open allowing blood to flow through. With your cardiovascular system kicked into gear, your brain will signal the body to release endorphins. The production of endorphins release a feeling of elation and make you feel aroused.

7. Bananas –
Not only being a phallic symbol they contain Bromelain enzyme, which can help increase testosterone and your libido. Perfect for keeping your sex drive up.

8. Asparagus –
Like spinach, asparagus is high in folate, which helps aid in the production of histamine. Correct levels of histamine are important for a healthy sex drive in both women and men, asparagus can boost arousal and orgasm.

9. Raisins –
Are packed with natural essential nutrients that play a part in keeping us sexually active and thriving. With a great source of energy, they also have nutrients to help keep a women’s vagina and uterus healthy.

10. Pomegranate –
Probably one of the best fruits for increasing your sex drive, its an antioxidant drink full of Iron, Vitamin A,C and E. It improves your mood and increases testosterone levels, higher levels of testosterone will help experience an increase in your sex drive.

5 Quick tips about Sex

Here are 5 simple tips about sex.

To make your sex life more fun and intimate.
Having sex is where you are vulnerable and it can make some of us feel insecure about ourselves if we are not 100% in love with our body.
So, these tips are to help us feel more connected with each other.

1. Foreplay.
We don’t always like to just jump in straight away and get it over with, we all like the thing called “foreplay”. Don’t forget women generally take longer to climax than men. Start with pleasing each other! It’s the best way to get in the mood and who doesn’t like being touched or pleased sexually!

2. Avoid Going Dry.

Make sure you have lubricant on standby! You can also use it as a massage oil, so spread it on your partner and let the slip and slide begin. Lubricate can also be used on your fingers or toys to help glide over your own or partners body.

3. Trying Different Moves.
It gets boring after a while doing the same routine over and over again. Find different moves from the internet, books or word of mouth. It keeps your relationship exciting trying new things once in a while.

4. Intimacy.
Be intermediate with each other. Bring them close and whisper their name, say it feels good. It will make your partner feel good about themselves and want to do more! Have a conversation about sextoys, but keep it simple, small toys do not create the impression of being replaced.

5. Porn.
Yes, Porn! Watch it together, it could turn you on!
It will be a shared experience
Its an easy way to learn about your partners fantasies
It can speed up foreplay
It may lessen the need to act out on sexual desires outside of your relationship
But be careful it may shatter the myth that you can (and should) only be attracted to your mate.

Introducing Sex Toys into the Relationship

Introducing sex toys into the Relationship
There’s nothing more exciting than trying something different when it comes to your sexlife. Nowadays there are thousands of sextoys , swings and bondage to try out. Although sextoys like vibrators are often thought of being just for women, the truth is men can enjoy them, too. Put a vibrator against the end of his penis, his scrotum, even the sensitive spot between his anus and base of his penis.
It is also particularly important for women to have successful foreplay, because it takes a woman a longer time to get up to the level of arousal needed to orgasm compared to men, which is why many people use sextoys to have fun in foreplay.
No one likes to make their partner feel insecure, so explain how trying something new will enhance both of your sexual experience.
Starting with non-threating toys and you want to start small. Search for your sextoys together if possible, the experience will become more exciting and relaxed every time you purchase new toys together.
Keep it honest, at the end of the day, you’re not just trying to spice things up in the bedroom, you’re trying to create greater intimacy and sexual satisfaction for both of you. Go and have some fun.

Achieving orgasms with the Vagina

Okay everyone, this blog is for the ones who want to know more about the lovely thing we call the Vagina.

The vagina is amazing! Honestly, who can push a baby through a size of lime? But we are not here to talk about babies and pushing.

No, we are here so I can teach you how to achieve an orgasm with a vibrator on your lovely, sensitive, awesome region of your/her body part!

Okay everyone. Most think that you can only achieve an orgasm by putting the vibrator into the “Vagina” area. INCORRECT! You can achieve an orgasm by putting it onto the clitoris or around and If your kinky enough, into the anus.

If you are unsure where your clitoris is, look at the photo. Or simply have a feel down there. It is at the top of your vagina and feels like a tiny ball under the skin.

Quoted by Kat Van Kirk, Ph.D. “Many women have discovered that they find indirect clitoral stimulation to the side or above the clitoris can be more arousing”

Either you or your partner can rub the vibrator slowly up and down your thighs, getting close to your clitoris, slowly around your labia and circling without actually touching, this will make it more intense and when you can’t take it anymore insert the vibrator to finish yourself off.

Sex Toys from the Past

Who hasn’t thought about how toys looked in the past? I know I have.

Sex toys has evolved so much in the last 100 years! Let’s take a quick stroll down memory lane!

I want to mention one from the 1920’s.
The Polar Club Electric Vibrator.

It literally looks like a drill. This electrical device was invented for women to achieve an orgasm by a massager. The end of the device vibrates to achieve that feeling. If I was living in the 1920’s with a mind of today, I would have not have gone near this device, to me it looks painful to such a sensitive area.

Another one is from the 1940’s.
It’s called the Oster Stim-U-Lax.

This advice was actually invented for barbers and not as a vibrator. They used this for a scalp massage but because of its powerful motor creating vibrations, women got inventive and actually brought and used them as vibrators!

Vibro Battery Massager

Suction cups were big for personal vibrators in the 40s, 50s and early ’60s. I have to wonder who really used this thing to massage their face, though

60s Hitachi Electric Vibrator

Does this look familiar? Well, it should, because this is the famous Hitachi Electric Vibrator that many women know and love today! It was first introduced in the ’60s and grew in popularity by the ’70s. Its longevity compared to all of these other silly products says a lot.

Read more

Looking at toys now we see them as the norm. Back in those days, women saw them as the norm too. It is so crazy how fast the world changes in devices, and I can’t wait to see what the future has in store for what crazy inventions people have next!

Five Quick tips about the vibrator

I have put together five tips for you guys about the vibrator.

For you to have a better experience with it, plus have more fun by yourself or with someone.

The more you know about something, the better the outcome!

1. Get to know your vibrator.
Run your vibrator through varies of speeds and motions before putting it on yourself.
Try out your vibrator with all the different speeds on your arm or hand.

2. Find the right vibrator for yourself.
There are thousands of different styles!
So don’t be upset if the first one you buy doesn’t do much.
But the more you spend then more the vibrator will do.
E.g. buying one for $20-$50 dollars will make the vibration more or less intense.
While the ones that are $70-$100 dollars have different vibrations going fast then slow, stops and starts, vibrates with music or even waterproof.

3. Set the mood.
No one likes to be rushed or hear different noises while trying to climax.
Treat yourself. Turn the lights down, put on some sexy music or if you’re vibrator is water proof take a bath or shower to even feel relaxed.

4. Use the vibrator on different area of the body.
The vagina or anal region isn’t the only part which is sensitive.
You know you’re body the best so put it where you feel most sensitive.

5. Before and after using your vibrator.
Please make sure you clean the vibrator before and after using.
Cleaning the vibrator before use can be as simple as putting under warm water and wiping it down.
Some vibrators when you buy them do come with a cleaning sample and instructions on how to clean it so make sure you use it.

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